Lists trump third-person bios, so . . . .

- New York City based Director / DP with a focus on stylized, dynamic shooting

- Partner at Resonant Pictures, a boutique production company that creates commercials, documentary films, and branded content

- Speak fluent Spanish and lived, worked, and traveled in South America for 2 years

- Shoot RED, ARRI, Sony, and Canon cameras

- Own (2) Sony FS7 and (1) Canon C300 camera packages

- Have played guitar since high school and my blues chops are still holding on.

- Some clients I have shot for include: Adidas, Heineken, Droga5, The New York Times, Tribeca Film Festival, New Balance, and the The Wall Street Journal.

Want to work together on a project? Or just meet for a beer?

Alex Cullen
1000 Dean St.
Suite 303
Brooklyn, NY 11238
(m) 404 354 2009