Alex is a nerd with a decent fashion sense and a compulsion to create that many have described as “obsessive”. Among his many obsessions, directing and cinematography top the list. His breakout in NYC was directing the viral commercial “Love” for Honey Maid, a bold collaboration with the ad agency Droga5 that turned hate speech against the brand into a message of inclusiveness. Since then, he’s made his mark with an eye for dramatic lighting and bold frames, creating work for clients like Jameson Irish Whiskey, Pandora Radio, The New York Times, and Adidas. His documentary work can be seen on channels like Epix, Viceland, and Al Jazeera. It is probably worth mentioning here that his first feature doc “Fair Chase”, which you can watch on Netflix, was about a bunch of elite athletes running through the desert in pursuit of an elusive antelope. Come to think of it, that is a perfect metaphor for Alex’s life and career. Easily the least predictable member of the team at Resonant Pictures, Alex is often heard trying to convince his business partners to go white water rafting on a Tuesday and he’s been known to wear costumes to parties where it wasn’t required.

Alex Cullen
1000 Dean St.
Suite 303
Brooklyn, NY 11238
(m) 404 354 2009