CREEP feat. Lou Rhodes – Vertigo

CREEP is a Brooklyn-based duo. Their first LP, ‘Echos’ will be released on Nov 12, 2013.

This video premiered in Interview Magazine

Dir: Ellen Frances
Prod: Ellen Frances & James J. Williams III
DoP: Alex Cullen
Prod Co: ORB Pictures
With Laura O’Neall
Stylist: Jenni Hensler
Costume Design: Ellen Frances (Fiber Optic Fur)
Costume Design: Jenni Hensler (LED Rib Cage)
Nail Design: Jennifer Pierce
Makeup: Rebecca Wendfelt
Hair: Clark Phillips
Cellists: Christine Lo / Andrew Carter
RED Op: John Marton
PA: Mitch Patrick
Editor: Ellen Frances
Post: Iriscape Productions / Orb Pictures

In association with Thorstein Foundation & GuyManly
Filmed in NYC at The 45th St. New Theater